WIN With The "Speed Of Champions"

Finally You Can Create Faster, More Agile Athletes with Massive Acceleration, Deceleration & Re-acceleration

PLUS Discover How You Get More Clients and Increase Your Income with Massive Credibility & Respect Today, as a

Certified Agility Specialist

Any Athlete Can Be Quicker,

Faster,  More Explosive!

It's a myth that either you're born fast, or you're not.

Speed and agility are skills that can be taught but here’s the thing…

You might have the fastest, quickest and most agile athletes during practiceBUT if it never translates to a real-life game situation – then it doesn’t matter!

When you become a Certified Agility Specialist you can more easily and quickly teach and train all or your athletes or teams using a truly unique approach and methodology for championship-worthy “Game Speed!”

The Secret Weapon?

It’s YOU! Finally, it’s time. If you’re a strength & conditioning coach, personal trainer or any type of sport coach, whether it’s baseball, football, basketball or other, you can take advantage of all the benefits that come with being a Certified AgilitySpecialist (C.A.S.) that enables you to:

  •  CHARGE MORE for your services because you’re able to teach them how to move better on the playing field not just during drills
  •  OWN A COMPETITIVE EDGE because you teach winning “Game Speed”mechanics that bring victory out on any field or court
  •  DEVELOP A UNIQUE PROCESS to enhance and improve Game Speed mechanics for all your client teams and individual athletes
  •  HAVE YOU BE THE ‘SECRET WEAPON’ that clients seek and willingly pay more to train their teams, athletes, clients since most people are not certified in Speed especially “Game Speed.”

Being a Certified Agility Specialist is like nothing else. It’s your own competitive edge!

It focuses your efforts on how to teach mechanics of the Acceleration, Deceleration and Re-acceleration phases of movement. These are some of the most important movements that an athlete can learn to improve their performance at all competitive levels from youth in schools and colleges to professional and Olympic athletes alike.

WHY It Works

Most coaches just rely purely on speed drills. They fail in their strategic thinking around exactly how it applies in a real-world, game situation. Remember, we need to prepare our athletes to perform well on the field during competition.

The CAS goes beyond just teaching common speed drills to your athletes. It reveals the exact step-by- step process you need to guarantee your athletes improve their “Game Speed” plus how to apply it on any field or court to dominate and win!

But there’s more because this is…

Not Your 'Typical' Certification.

The CAS™ Certification is unparalleled. It is unique in design, unique in delivery and unique in its results for you and your athletes!

Personally, I am not a big fan of certifications and feel there are too many of them. Just because you have a certification does not mean you can coach or have the personality to instill your message or achieve your goals with the athlete you’re training. So, I’d totally understand any hesitation you might have when it comes to obtaining “another certification.”

That is why I have developed the Certified Agility Specialist (C.A.S). It’s definitely not your typical certification. It’s not just memorization and passing a test. You must DEMONSTRATE your knowledge and skill to EARN this certification.

Most Certifications teach you the basic information while they take your money.You take a test at the end, if you fail you can retake and retake and retake the test until you pass. What kind of certification is that? This is REAL WORLD training for REAL WORLD results.

I developed the CERTIFIED AGILITY SPECIALIST for coaches for are looking to provide high quality fundamentals to their athletes so they can excel on thecompetition field. This type of training is a must if you have athletes who need toimprove what I call “Game Speed”.

HOW It Works

STEP 1: Learn Proven Techniques

The methods taught in the Certified Agility Specialist Course have produced State, and National title teams as well as Division 1 athletes. They’ve also produced athletes who now play in the Pro Leagues!

When you take this certification course you learn the very same real-world, proven techniques that have already helped thousands of athletes and teams improve their game speed.

Plus imagine the success of your training business with your all-new qualifications earning you the respect you truly deserve. You can quickly and easily complete this course exclusively online from the comfort of your own gym, office or home. Not only is it convenient, you also get professional guidance and support throughout the entire process. You have 6 months to complete the certification to eliminate any time pressures.

That’s plenty of time after you sign-up to play, enjoy and review all the videos and lessons.

STEP 2: Earn The Right

After completing the Lessons, you simply need to take a short quiz and send in a short video demonstrating your newly acquired skills and Speed coaching ability for us to review.

The video test submitted is a short, 10-minute recorded video of you teaching theADR system to at least 1 athlete. (You can have more than 1 athlete in the video).

The quiz is completed online and becomes available once all course modules have been completed. It’s brief and easy to understand. That’s all it takes!

Then your C.A.S. Certification* is awarded to you and you’ve got yourself a virtual license to multiply your cash flow – almost immediately!

*NOTE: To maintain your C.A.S. Certification, you are required to renew your certification and participate in CEUs. There’s a nominal annual fee of only $60.

STEP 3: Leverage & Profit

Upon successful completion of the course and exam, you will receive a personalized certification badge and certificate.

The badge is designed so your accomplishment can be displayed on your website, email signature and anywhere else online that you choose.

Plus, your digital certificate is created in full color, is totally printable and suitable for framing should you wish to display your achievement at your home or facility.

This helps separate you (and your athletes) from your competition.

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